The Aphrodite Project is a fundraising campaign supported by the charity TIMBET to secure funding to create an indemnity product for Independent Midwives, thus ensuring choice for women and birthing people, midwives (both NHS and IM), and clients.

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An Independent Midwife (IM) is a self employed, registered midwife whose services are engaged directly by the family they work with.  In this way we offer full continuity of carer, which is proven to improve outcomes. 

During the pandemic, many NHS trusts cancelled their homebirth services and we were exceptionally busy, both offering our services to those Trusts, and caring for those who did not want to go into hospitals dealing with covid to birth their babies.  Many of us cut our fees to the very lowest we could manage or took clients at cost. 

In June 2020, due to Brexit, our  insurance provider pulled out of the market.  Due to the unique insurance situation for insurers all over with covid-19, there was little interest from other companies to provide us with indemnity, and for this reason IMs cannot attend births at this time - although we can still give our expert, gold standard antenatal and postnatal care.  This means that ALL midwives have lost the ability to give full care while self employed, and women and birthing people have lost the right to choose which midwife attends them at their birth.

The Aphrodite Project has been set up and although a separate campaign, is supported by the charity TIMBET to raise the funds to set up a dedicated insurance scheme for IMs. 

This project is the love-child of three full time IMs, devastated at the loss of work (we all have families to feed), the blow to their profession, women's and midwives' choices and with the slogan of "Indemnity or Bust".  This project WILL run until we have raised enough to proceed, and we mean to do this through a combination of applying for grants and funding, and with the support of people like you fundraising in your own gloriously creative ways.  Funds raised will be ringfenced for indemnity procurement. This will secure the insurance situation for IMs and their clients for the future.

Please use the contact form below to join our weekly mailing list.  Once a week we will send out an update and two methods of supporting us, one will cost a few pounds, and one won't, so there is something for everyone!  We have a project manager (who is herself an IM) who is giving up a full day a week to keep us on track - no one is paid in any way for working on this project.  

It really is Indemnity or Bust.



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