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An Independent Midwife (IM) is a self-employed, registered midwife who is hired directly by the client and family they are looking after.  Working this way means we can give complete continuity of carer which has been shown to improve outcomes for our clients and their babies.  During the pandemic, many NHS trusts cancelled their homebirth services and IMs were very busy, offering our services to local trusts, trying to help as many people as possible to have the birth they needed, often at cost price.

Due to Brexit, and at the height of the covid-19 pandemic, we lost our insurance for facilitating births.  This effectively means that a midwife who is self employed cannot attend births.  This represents a huge loss of choice and autonomy, not only for women, birthing people and their families who cannot now choose who attends them at their birth, but for midwives themselves, no matter where they are working currently.

The Aphrodite Project has been set up to raise the funds to begin a new insurance product which will enable IMs to give the full range of expert care they are currently unable to.  It is run by the charity TIMBET (charity details at bottom of page) and the funds will be raised by a combination of fundraising events and applying for grants.  The aim is not to stop until we have the required funding and can enable midiwes and failies to have choice in care and working arrangements. 

Hence our slogan - Indemnity or Bust